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I am on my 3rd bottle of the serum and I must say i do not regret starting it. My hair has grown tremendously and i have Dandruff no more. It has a great refreshing smell and it tingles on you scalp almost feeling like a massage. The oil stays long on you scalp but still your hair is light and Fresh. I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to take good care of their Crown.😊


My favorite moisturizer to use by faaar. Makes my hair manageable. I use it for a girly twist out when my hair is damp. Perfect results 🙌

Chelle Wilson

My hair gets a thorough clean with a minimal amount of this product even when I have an insane amount of residue build up from using tons of styling products. After just the shampoo, my hair feels soft, moisturized and amazing. Smells heavenly too!

Tashaine M

This oil is great for growth and length retention...very easy to use. Exceptional results